Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kohn Family | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

I met Kristin over a year ago when I walked into her new store on Mass Ave. I loved the store from the moment I walked in!!! The clothes are adorable and I loved how she had everything set up. We started talking and she asked if I would be interested in doing a promotion in the store for the Fall Art Gallery Walk. It was so much fun working with Kristin and the girls at Nurture this year. The event turned out great (Sessions sold out) and I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful kids/families in the process. I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph Kristin and her family during my holiday sessions. Her little boy has the most gorgeous green eyes and jet black hair. He looks Hollywood doesn't he!?! He could be on the cover of a modern kids magazine. Her little girl had my heart at the first sound of her precious giggle. They have the sweetest family and two of the most gorgeous kiddos in town =) I look forward to working with Kristin again this year. Happy New Year!!!!
***Nurture sells modern apparel and gear for babies, toddlers, and kids. The store is located at 433 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis. Check it out!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Edens Family | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

This is the Edens family. Can you believe how gorgeous each of their kiddos are!!! Little Miss L. has the most beautiful curly hair and Mr. E has the biggest brown eyes!! Miss N. is just plain sweet and has the cutest little smile. I love this family!!! Leslie is one of my best friends=) We have had so much over the past few years. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and her family =) We go to the same church so we get to see each other at least every week (ok I have missed a few weeks here and there - lol). I love how these pictures turned out!! I hope you do too =) Have a great week!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Miss Mira | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I have know Mira's mommy since she was born =) She was friends with my sister, Lindsay, growing up. Our parent's have been friends for a very long time. It was great to meet Mira for the first time and re-connect with this beautiful family. Mira was a perfect angel for her photo shoot. She did everything I told her to do =) Mainly sleep and look cute - which was not a problem for her =) I know that Mira was an answered prayer for this family so I felt honored to take her very first photos. Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Miss Jia | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

I met this family through my work with the Nurture store on Mass Ave. I photographed them this summer before baby Jia was born. Ishaan (their little boy) was one of my favorites to photograph. He was at a perfect age and was all smiles. Everyone that walked by just stopped and smiled at him. I was so happy when they called me to do their newborn photo shoot. Jia is the prettiest little girl. She has the most beautiful skin, big dark eyes, and a head full of gorgeous hair. I was able to capture a three generation photo as well. Nina's mom was visiting during the photo shoot so it was a great opportunity to get this memorable photo. This family will be moving soon and I will be very sad to see them go. I have really enjoyed getting to know them. Enjoy their sweet pictures!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smith Family | Littlest Heroes Project | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

This is little Noah and his adorable sister and brother. I have known this family for over 10 years (Wow!!). I remember running into Jeni last year at Trader Joe's. It's funny b/c I rarely go to Trader Joes so I don't think it was coincidence that we ran into each other - it was a planned meeting by our heavenly father. Jeni had Noah in her arms and he seemed a little sad that day. I asked Jenny how she was doing and she said good. She mentioned that Noah had to have some blood work that day b/c he had a lump that hadn't gone away. A lymph node possibly swollen from being sick etc... just a test to make sure all was well. I was certain all would be well and I said goodbye to Noah and Jeni and went on my way. I remember seeing a post on facebook shortly after. "Our worst fears have been confirmed - Noah has leukemia" My heart sank. I remember crying as I read the post and thinking of how their lives were about to change so suddenly and drastically. I followed their story online through the Caring Bridge (a site that Riley Hospital for Children developed for families going through similar struggles). I prayed for Noah to be healed (Along with hundreds of other family members, friends, and strangers). I am so happy to say that Noah came through this year with flying colors. He is so strong, brave, and happy. His hair is coming back and he looks more handsome than ever. His parents and siblings toughed out a really rough year and in the end God healed their little boy. I praise God for Noah's recovery and I thank him for this precious boy that will change the world one day. I know God has big plans for his life. I am so thankful that I am able to use my gift of photography to help in some small way. This family received a free session plus all of the digital images as my way of paying it forward. If you know of someone that has a child with cancer that you would like to submit for the Littlest Heroes Project let me know =) Thank you Chris and Jeni for allowing me to capture these precious moments for you. Hugs, Loree

Friday, December 11, 2009

Audrey | Indianapolis Children's photographer

How cute is this little girl!?! I took her newborn photos almost one year ago (the cute baby in the bowl). She has grown so much and is just as cute as I remember =) Audrey was the easiest kid out of all my sessions (sorry it's true - lol). Her personality is so sweet. I think she smiled and laughed during the entire session. Her parents are great (and beautiful too!!). I look forward to seeing this little cutie year after year. Enjoy her pictures =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Sessions | Lopez Family | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

My holiday sessions were so much fun this year!! We had perfect weather both days and the kids were awesome =) My first location was at a local Christmas tree farm. I have been friends with Tricia (Mom of these cuties) since before we had kids =) Our kids were all born within weeks of each other and have been the best of pals over the years. I love the way she dressed them for this photo shoot. I even made her youngest smile which is a huge accomplishment since in the past she has only given me the stare down - LOL. The pictures turned out great and I already have their Christmas card up in my house =) Now if I can just get mine ready to send out!! Enjoy =)