Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Spunky (Amelia) and Mr. Calm (Wyatt)

I love these pictures. I know I am the photographer but I just really love the way these turned out. It helps that the kids are absolutely gorgeous. Wyatt is calm, cool, easy =) Amelia is spunky, full of personality, and fast as lightning =) The great thing is that they compliment each other. You can tell that they really love each other and are the best of friends. Jenny and Joe were great throughout the entire shoot. I think they were completely wiped out by the end of our session. I have known both of them since high school (I won't tell you how long that is!!) Let's just say we had our 15 year reunion last year (or was it two years ago). Anyway, we go waaaay back. Thanks for a great session. Enjoy your sneak peek!!


Jennifer Storey said...


The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You did an amazing job -I can't wait to see all of them on Saturday!

God has definately blessed you with a wonderful talent.


carol said...

Holy cow, Wyatt is Joe (w/ a little Jennifer) and Amelia is totally Jennifer.
Great shots!