Thursday, July 2, 2009

A sweet family | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Are these kids not the cutest things you've ever seen!!! I just love this family. I met Emily about a year ago at a Matilda Jane party. We did a little photo shoot together last year with our girls and have been friends ever since. I just went to Ft.Wayne last weekend with Emily and had such a wonderful time. Her husband was kind enough (and brave enough) to keep the kids for the weekend. He was so sweet when we returned and told us he had a wonderful time with the kiddos. The pictures turned out beautifully despite some mishaps along the way (Grady fell in the mud when he got there, Lizzy had to go number two as soon as we got started, I lost my voice that day so could hardly talk, and Grady had just gotten over an ear infection) They handled it beautifully and we captured some very sweet moments. Enjoy!!!

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