Sunday, June 28, 2009

Matilda Jane - Cocktail party and Art fair

This weekend I was invited by my friend Emily to attend the Matilda Jane pre-show and cocktail party at 435 (435 is the Matilda Jane warehouse). We had so much fun!! Friday night I was able to take a tour around Matilda Jane (because I went with Emily and Nicole - our Indiana MJC reps). It was so fun to see all the patterns, fabric, ribbons, buttons, ideas, and shelves upon shelves of MJ clothing. We attended a cocktail party that night and enjoyed wonderful food and met some outstanding people. On Saturday morning it was time for the Art Fair. People drove and flew from all over the country to come to this event!!!! People were lined up hours before they opened the doors. I was able to capture some of the cutest little girls while waiting in line. I also ran into a photographer friend of mine (Michelle Huesgen of Untamed heart photography). I call her my friend because we have been on the same photography forum forever but this is the first time I was able to meet her. She is just as sweet and beautiful as I imagined (I am a huge fan of her work). Her daughter is the cute blondy with curls. I was able to get some fabulous clothing items for my upcoming sessions - Yeah!!!! So if you have a session with me you will have the option of having me dress your little girl (Great, right!!) Enjoy the pictures. -Loree
P.S. I just added the one of my little girl, Hannah, to the top. She was more than thrilled when I came home with a MJ outfit for her and her American girl. So cute!!


Jennifer Storey said...

Oh Loree! I was actually going to e-mail you to see if you knew about the Art Fair, but it looks like you had VIP status! I'm jealous - I wanted to go, but had a Stella & Dot party last night and didn't think I could get back in time! Great photos and you are looking great too!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a photog in FW but didn't come to the party until later that evening. It was all amazing wasn't it? Just had to pop by and say hello!

Betsy King

amy said...

so jealous!!!