Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Beautiful Senior

This is Allison and she is beautiful!!! We went to her grandparents farm for this session. I loved it!! A rustic barn, old tractor, fields of gold, and lots of wide open spaces. The wind was crazy that day (straight out of Wizard of Oz!!). She wanted a picture with each of her band t-shirts on so I just decided to incorporate them all into one picture. We were losing sunlight in the end but I still think it turned out pretty cute. She was so sweet and so much fun. Enjoy the pictures!!!


Allison said...

AH! I love my pictures so much Loree, they're absolutely wonderful :) I could never thank you enough for the wonderful experience!

Brennybunch said...

Allison's Mom said....
Allison is so beautiful and Loree just added to her beauty with her
unique, artistically talented Photo Art. Thank You Loree!