Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gorgeous Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer

This family is simply gorgeous!!! Look how beautiful their eyes are!! I had to tell the mom that these girls were the best behaved kids I have ever photographed. All of my families have wonderful kids and have been a joy to photograph but these girls just made my job easy. This family was so sweet. They laughed, joked, and had fun. I had such a hard time deciding which photos to post because they all turned out so great. Amy and I cheered together in high school. We had fun talking about old times and how much we have grown and changed since then. She is a wonderful person and an amazing mom. Enjoy the pics!!

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Amy Farrow said...

Loree, you are truly a gifted photographer and beautiful person. You have an ability to capture the essence of the a result we have amazing pictures of our family that we will cherish. Amy