Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys and a beautiful mom =)

This family is full of spunk. They have three boys and let me tell you they are all boy. From digging in the dirt to wrestling each other down these boys are the best of friends. They are so cute with their blond hair and big blue eyes. Each one with their own distinct personality - they make a powerful trio =) Their parents are gorgeous (as you can see) and you can tell after being with them for just a few short hours that they are wonderful parents. Etta was one of my good friends in high school. We cheered together and had some great times. She is now in California with her husband and three boys so it was a special treat for them to have these pictures taken on her parents property. I hope these memories will last a lifetime. These three boys will melt your heart!! Enjoy =)


Susie Gregory said...

loree alayne - we've known etta since our daughter's college days and yes - she is a special one! - and her boys are darling as we knew they would be! good work! - i've been wanting to do a painting of them in action for a long time -you've inspired me!!

Ursula Weber-Kelke said...

I was very lucky to stay some months with Etta`s parents. So I often had the pleasure to stay with Etta and her family - and at that time two of the boys. And I can tell you, it was the most wonderful time in my life to share the life with these great people - till today .
The way they live, think, act, work,...impressed me forever. Thanks again for sharing these great pictures!