Monday, April 20, 2009

My new canvas wall

I have a new canvas wall and I can't wait for you to see it =) When you come for your ordering session you will get to see canvases of all different sizes and shapes. I absolutely love canvas!! I find myself stopping and staring at my wall as I pass through the living room. It is a constant reminder of precious memories in my life. I smile everytime I look at them. Here is a sneak peek. By the way, get ready for some awesome pictures in the next few weeks. Photography is in full swing and I have some amazing pictures to share with you. On that note, I am booked through July so if you want a session with Loree Alayne Photography for 2009 call today!!! Have a great day =)


Alison said...

What a blessing to be booked through July! How the Lord has really blessed this ministry and gift He has given you. I'm so glad to see you succeeding! You are an amazing woman, Loree.

Paula Prass said...

The canvases are incredible! Jenn & I were looking & drooling yesterday.

Amy said...

gorgeous loree!