Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My friend Carol

These are pictures of my B/F/F Carol =) She was kind enough to model for me so I could try out some new locations around town. I thought it was only fitting that I feature her on my blog. We have known each other since sixth grade. We have laughed together, cried together, gotten in trouble together =), and grown up together. She will probably be embarrassed that I posted these, but I think she is beautiful and I couldn't resist. Love ya, Loree


carol said...

You better get ready for some business to come your way! People who know me are gonna see this magic you performed and know you are good. You somehow made me look very good :)

Jennifer Storey said...

Carol - you look beauuuutiful!!!!
Loree - the shots are awesome.

I've got to schedule you soon for Wyatt (and maybe the rest of us)!
I'm so amazed with your work and you are doing such an awesome job - I can' wait to have my own photo shoot with THE Loree Alayne!!


Tricia Lopez said...

I absolutely love the photo of Carol laughing. You look gorgeous Carol. I can't wait to see Lauryn's photos!!!

Andrea Moberly said...

Oh my goodness... hot stuff! I'm so impressed with your skills, Loree!